Autism – It might not be a living nightmare but it is a reason to stress

However, the Issues do not go away. They simply change. Whilst I’m no expert, my best advice is to take the autism diagnosis and do anything you can, as fast as possible to help your child be the best that he or she can be. The actual specialists and nearly everybody involved in autism all concur that the earlier the intervention, the better. The Truth is Autism is a lifelong handicap and whilst your kid can and many likely will improve in several places, he or she will remain vulnerable and probably need some kind of support.

autism diagnosis

It is a worry.

My son will have to leave the safety blanket given by the children’s support and enter the world of those”adults”. Unfortunately the aid provided there is sparse and often inappropriate. Frequently it is determined on what the individual can not do instead of what he or she can. Like I explained my son has improved tremendously and with the ideal service is effective at all kinds of things. He rarely speaks and academically is a really young kid but in regards to regular domestic and household chores I have got more confidence in him than in my”regular” kid who’s two years old. (Sorry kid, but you know that it is true).

I do not have any qualms about Him cooking, ironing, cleaning, gardening, decorating or some other such activities provided he’s supervised. He’s cautious with resources and is quite clear, is observant, has an eye for detail and a fantastic memory. Most autistic People like regular so in the event that you show them how to do something correctly from the beginning then they are very likely to get it done that way indefinitely. You just have to make Sure that they do not get overly rigid about patterns. When I explain things for my son he is now pleased to take and visit this website. It was not always so however, the present joyful state of affairs has evolved through recent years.

You see he does not express emotions that he does have feelings. His mind might not work properly however, the rest of him surely does. Ever since that kiss I have started to wonder what’s going to happen if he must decide he enjoys the feeling he gets when he cries (or is kissed by) a woman. Hopefully he will not be left alone with a member of the opposite gender because though now he prefers to see Thomas the Tank Engine and Disney movies to Desperate Housewives, it might only be a Matter of time until he’s subjected to these programmes and what nowadays his more free peers believe normal.

Published by Ellen G. White