Odd Traditions and Christmas Games

Christmas traditions make the holiday season special. Most of us have. Did you ever wonder how these habits got their start? Some customs are well known to all the few celebrate some but all are a superb way to share the significance of Christmas. Keep reading to find out about some customs came to be.

Advent Calendar

Counting down the days is a favorite holiday activity that began in 19th century houses. The times were counted hanging an image every day or by building a chalk mark on the ground. This result in homemade advent calendars with doors which were opened revealing bible verse or a Christmas picture.

Bells and Christmas are inseparable. A Christmas meaning is depicted by a silhouette of bells. Bells became a part of worship around the year 400 and their audio summoning the faithful was their link to Christmas. This became the notion of ringing in Christmas. In beginning in England Christmas is rung. In Scandinavia, bells ring to announce the start of the season and the end of work. In some tales, St Nick carries around a hand bell on his visits. A bell, rings in Hungary bells are rung to announce the children’s presents are delivered and as she descends the chimney. Various carols use bells as a metaphor for hope and joy as in Silver Bells, heard the Bells on Christmas Day, and Jingle Bells.

Christmas Carols

Carols were started as Music. The word carol is reportedly derived from a Greek word for circle dance. Throughout the years organizations have illegal and engaged in singing carols based on their day’s teachings. Throughout the 17th century carols were sung by carolers on begging visits during the Christmas season. After 1878, the Church of England revived. The 20th century became popular holiday favorites and saw a continuing interest in lots of religious and secular Christmas songs and carols were composed how many days until christmas is that of the Feast of Holy Innocents which commemorates the murder of the infants of Bethlehem. In most nations the day was considered a day of ill omen. On that day no business was conducted. No venture was to start on that day. Sailors would not sail on December 28th. On the Aran Islands, that day nobody was buried. To one of your relatives that day would bring death in Cornwall washing.

Christmas Crackers

A Christmas novelty made popular. The Christmas cracker is a small cardboard tube covered in wrap. When pulled the tube produces the interior reveals toys and newspapers and a tiny sound. A London confectioner who desired devised it. Originally full of sweet treats it was full of expressions and prizes or humorous to jewelry from toys. It is a part of Christmas parties in houses around the world.

Published by Ellen G. White