Singtel prepaid distributor – Everything you want to know

What is a prepaid phone card?

Telephone cards are cards you purchase for making long distance calls for a cost. These cards are available in number of moments and dollar amounts.

Why use a prepaid phone card?

Telephone cards are Convenient as you pay beforehand and since they can be used everywhere, a bill is not there. The kind is travelers. Calling cards are also very easy to purchase. They are sold at post offices, newsstands, shops and on the internet. International calling cards Rates vary depending on you create the call or which nation you call. Normally telephone cards offer prices that are lower.

How can i make calls using a prepaid phone card?

singtel prepaid distributor

To make a telephone call, dial up the PIN number and access number printed on the back of the card. An automated voice will ask you to enter the amount notify you of the amount and that you need to phone. You could be motivated for choices. You can increase the Amount of Minutes on many by charging your credit card, calling cards. Means once of the time was used; you need to obtain a new card. Keep tabs on the date.

Who makes your phone card?

  • Carriers are responsible.
  • Resellers buy telephone minutes.
  • Issuers determine that the card rates and supply toll-free client service and access numbers.
  • Distributors sell the cards.
  • The cards are sold by retailers.

In Fact, you have a Lot of alternatives. Doing some research and comparing the costs and services supplied by different kinds of singtel prepaid distributor which are being offered by companies can be rewarding in the long run.

Published by Ellen G. White